15 Exciting Senior Research Paper Topics Your Teacher Would Love15 Exciting Senior Research Paper Topics Your Teacher Would Love

A research paper is another type of academic assignment, which implies more than preparing a relevant content made of introduction, body, and conclusion. The main feature that makes this task stand out from the rest of the homework assignments is the need to conduct in-depth research. Of course, the teachers test writing and formatting skills as well. Finally, the assignment is designed to reflect the student’s knowledge of the specific topic.

It’s not that a research paper has nothing in common with the ordinary essay, but if you want to succeed, it is better to forget everything you’ve studied before. Well, almost everything. Just grab the narrative essay you used to do at high school and add more detailed-more epic-scale information! Just like an argumentative essay, a research paper is based on the set of arguments as well as the major claim – thesis statement.

While it does not matter which types of sources the student collects to cite in an ordinary essay, the research paper is built on the evidence discovered from the credible, up-to-date source. In your expository essay, you were barely asked to use more than 1-2 sources. Reflective and descriptive essays often need no citations and references at all. However, it is different when it comes to working on the research papers.

Stages on the Way to Perfect Research Project

The whole process is rather painstaking and hard at first glance. Only by understanding the logic and steps to be taken, it is possible to obtain the highest possible grade. It is much easier, however, to conduct an intensive research nowadays, when digital libraries have replaced the traditional college libraries. Still, it is recommended to conduct your study in the college library where nothing would disturb you from your purpose. Also, the learning atmosphere present over there stimulates the brain activity. When going on a research journey, remember to bring the note papers, different highlighters, and index cards. Another thing to keep in mind when getting ready for the research process is the checklist concerning research ethics.Stages on the Way to Perfect Research Project

Now, it looks like you are ready to start. Please start off by obeying the most critical stages:

  • Choose a topic that motivates you and which is one of the areas of your competence
  • Discover credible sources
  • Organize your notes
  • Brainstorm an outline (with the detailed structure of your paper)
  • Work on the first draft
  • Go through your draft and proofread it
  • Edit what you consider necessary and finish with formatting

This article discusses the ways to choose the proper research topics, so it does not focus much on other elements of this assignment.

15 Stunning Senior Research Paper Topics to Impress the Teacher

Those students who have a right to select the topic are the lucky beggars as they have an opportunity to avoid the subjects they hate or know nothing about. At the same time, it is a chance to pick the topic, which reveals the hidden talents and shows the person from the best side. Finally, it is a great opportunity to share your genius ideas and forecasts for the future.15 Stunning Senior Research Paper Topics to Impress the Teacher

Selecting a topic you know little about or have no interest in is the worst approach. The next thing we are going to do to summarize the best ways to choosing a research paper topic is sharing a list of the preferred senior research paper topics for college:

  1. The first person to achieve the Moon
  2. What a life of the gladiator looked like
  3. The impact of continued steroid sage on the body of athletes
  4. The ways bulletproof clothing is made
  5. Things that could take place during the Roswell UFO incident
  6. Efficient means of repelling insects
  7. Features that make the platypus an original and interesting to observe animal
  8. The influence of marijuana usage on the human brain
  9. Anorexia Nervosa victims and further consequences of this mental disorder
  10. The ways airport security in the J.F. Kennedy International Airport was improved after the events of September, 11
  11. The origins of heavy metal and its founders
  12. The consequences of spying software on the overall computer’s performance
  13. A day from the life of a Buddhist monk
  14. The way gunpowder modified warfare
  15. Most popular causes of the car crashesSenior Research Paper Topics

Just be specific when picking the topic idea – the title should be concise and yet eye-catching. Then, you will have to cut it to make a brief, attention-grabbing heading (in case the original titile is too long).