23 Excellent Examples of Research Paper Topics for Smart Students

What is the first thing, which comes to your mind when you hear the word “research”? Most probably, those are endless packs of books, magazines, newspapers, and other sources that one has to observe in order to find some information. You are right, but academic research also involves analyzing writing, and formatting! It’s not a cup of tea: a student has to understand the topic deeply as well as be able to collect relevant sources to support his arguments.23 Excellent Examples of Research Paper Topics for Smart Students

Here is a rundown of the research paper’s definition for those who have just entered the college and did not face this assignment before: it is a type of scientific or academic writing that possesses both theoretical and substantial data that has gone through the corresponding procedure of broad research. Such paper is usually based on the primary sources such as textbooks and scholarly articles. Rarely, secondary sources are also involved in analyzing the information based on the certain portion of the population.

Most of the students unreasonably believe that a research paper is the most difficult piece of writing. At the same time, they often postpone this task to the last minute, which often results into F. if you start practicing since the early ages (high school instead of college), you have all chances to master this process. It is critical to developing a personal approach to creating research papers.

4 Things to Take with You When Conducting Research

Before you start writing, make sure you have all necessary materials and equipment to conduct the study:

  1. Note paper (jot down all important points; avoid going much into the details)
  2. 2-3 various colorful highlighters to stress the most critical points
  3. Index cards
  4. Any other equipment required for your researchResearch Paper Topics

The most important thing to keep in mind about the research paper is the organization. The organization is the key! Have a look at these critical stages required to organize the writing piece of this type.

  1. Choose the topic based on the amount of available information.
  2. Pick sources that might be useful and check if they are credible enough (e.g., scholarly articles or your textbooks).
  3. Index cards are the best way to take down necessary notes that you will probably need during the work on your project.
  4. The notes must be allocated based on the chosen subject of matter.
  5. Develop an outline even if the instructor does not require a table of contents.
  6. Come up with the first draft to have an action plan to follow during the entire process.
  7. Check the first draft, read it carefully, and proofread the basic parts.
  8. Edit the draft to fix mistakes before submitting the final version.

23 Topics Shared by the Most Successful US College StudentsExamples of Research Paper Topics

  1. The benefits of adopting the UK custom of taking a “gap year” between high school and higher educational institution
  2. The quality of education and funding are interrelated
  3. The effectiveness of No Child Left Behind Act
  4. The consequences of remote learning in the US
  5. Web content with the low specific shares of articles and wordiness attract more visitors than other web pages
  6. The digital downloading has almost killed the music industry
  7. The potential consequences of regulation of the internet sources by the federal government
  8. Symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment o dyslexia
  9. The most effective approaches to curing cancer
  10. The impact of the nutritional therapy on the human organism
  11. Extraordinary, expensive treatments lead to the high percentage of patients’ deaths every year
  12. The effects of traditional medicine on the life of patients with cancer
  13. The reasons for so many physicians to effuse taking part in the medically assisted suicide
  14. They should develop a national database to keep records of the managed substances like OXYCODONE
  15. Tax cut serves as an economic stimulation
  16. The basic reasons why the United States does not have the universal health coverage
  17. The impact of poor US districts on the overall country’s economy and image
  18. How can humanity preserve the endangered species of plants and animals?
  19. Efficient approaches to minimizing the air pollution
  20. The ways to make drinking water free for everyone
  21. Is Vladimir Putin contributing to the global terrorism?
  22. The possibility of North and South Korea reunion
  23. The methods to get rid of the dictatorial regimes nowadays

Those were some great examples of research paper topics. Once you are done with your selection process, move on to the opening line of the research paper, which should be a powerful hook to grab reader’s attention and stress the importance of your topic.