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Though most students hate the idea of writing essays, this activity serves several vital functions in the learning process. From time to time, tutors issue composition assignments but a significant portion of students would rather order essay assistance from online writing companies. This has adversely affected the quality of educational outcomes across various institutions.

For one, writing various types of compositions and homework assignments serve to enhance the student’s thinking capacity as well as their memory. These tasks require them to recall information from lectures and explain them within their papers. What’s more, while drafting papers, students must critically think and soundly express their ideas. This enhances logical thinking and argumentative skills. As such, they become better at debates and arguments.

Writing tasks, especially assignments, assist students in developing the right study habits and skills. While undertaking homework assignments, students are supposed to refer to websites, journals, books, etc. this teaches them how to obtain data from different sources.

In addition to that, the student becomes better at utilizing time. Some students do not know how to utilize the free time. So, by being given assignments, they learn how to utilize time and prioritize academic tasks depending on the urgency and complexity.

Lastly, students enhance their ability to work independently. Most instructors require students to submit work they have done individually. As such, students become better at working with minimal supervision. Some papers such as dissertations even require a student to declare within the composition that it is their original work.

Difficulties That Force Students to Buy College Essay Help

Several challenges make students buy custom essay solutions. While some students might be lazy, others have certain difficulties. Some of them are as follows:

  • Inability to formulate proper thesis statements

The thesis statement comprises one or two sentences that summarize the entire point of the composition. It enlightens the reader on what to expect from the essay. If you write an ambiguous thesis statement, you might not be able to connect your ideas and with the central statement properly. This will confuse the reader.

  • Beginning a paper

At times even the most seasoned writers experience “writer’s block.” this is a situation whereby an author is completely devoid of any ideas on what to compose. To overcome this challenge, you need first to prepare the content you obtained during the research. This is usually called an outline whereby you summarize your main points. It makes it very easy to explain these points succinctly after that.

  • Fear of failure

Some students experience extreme anxiety and panic before composing an essay. This is especially so if it is part of a standardized test. One common reason for this is past failures in examinations or coursework. The solution is to practice and also take assignments seriously constantly. However, you can buy essay papers online as a short-term strategy.

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