Academic Topics for Research Papers: Why Do Teachers Assign Such Tasks?

Are you trying to postpone your research paper writing? There is no way to avoid writing a research paper for college. Every student will face it sooner or later because the teachers check several crucial skills this way. Those are:

  1. Reading & Comprehension
  2. Writing
  3. Research & Analysis
  4. FormattingAcademic Topics

These are the four basic components of any successful academic writing assignment. A lot depends on the topic of the research paper as well. Often, the students are forced to write on the proposed topics. From one side, there is no need to break your head against the wall trying to pick a relevant, interesting, extraordinary topic to catch the eye of the reader. On the other side, having no specific topic assigned allows choosing the problem on your own. However, it is not that easy as it seems.

While selecting the topic, it is important to keep in mind the role of background information. Many students fail to include this part in the research project. Background information should define and summarize the history and nature of the excellently identified research problem with reference to the literature review. Make sure that the background information defines:

  • The root of the problem being observed and analyzed
  • Corresponding context of the issue according to theory
  • Research/Practice
  • Scope of the study
  • The extent to which earlier observations have contributed
  • Addressed gaps

Background information develops along with the key points mentioned at the start of your paper. However, it is not limited to the major idea of the project. When the author provides enough background information, it assists in defining whether there is a basic understanding of the given problem. The context is necessary to realize why the discussed topic is really important and has to be studied further.research papers

Forms of Contextualization Based on the Chosen Research Topic

To identify the type of contextualization, it is critical to decide on the topic of your research paper. Then, it will be possible to categorize the problems:

Cultural – focused on studying the learned behavior of some people.

Gender – placed with the behavioral/psychological qualities related to the stereotypes about men versus women.

Historical – the interval in which the event occurs and how the period impacts the way author interprets the chosen topic.

Economic – related to the systems of production and control of material wealth/business activities.

Philosophical – clarified essence of the selected subject (the way it is relevant to the chosen issue).

Political – located within the environment in which something is happening defining the goal or agenda.

Interdisciplinary – associated with other fields (different theories, hypotheses, ideas, methods, tools, etc.)

Physical or Special – reflected space around the given research problem.

Temporal – limited by time and resources.

Social – focused on the group of people (society) that deal with the offered problem (the way these people interact with the problem.

That is not the only reason or choosing the relevant, interesting, debatable, ad up-to-date topic. The topic predetermines the destiny of the entire research paper. Most people stop reading the text once it does not provide an intriguing title and opening paragraph. Thus, invest your best efforts in finding the best topic ideas.Chosen Research Topic

10 Outstanding Topic Ideas for High School & College Students

The article will introduce some of the recently used research paper titles to inspire the students. So, here you go with the list of the top recommended academic topics for research papers:

  1. The statistics about homelessness in the US is rather sad due to the fact every fourth one is a child
  2. What motivates serial killers to commit their crimes?
  3. Modern asylums are worse than jails regarding the patient treatment
  4. LSD should be legalized as it does not have a negative effect on the physical health condition
  5. College tuition planning has lost half of its efficiency
  6. The number of children with learning disabilities is growing in the United States
  7. Standardized tests had not reflected the real knowledge of 60% students last year
  8. Chinses population control measures stop being effective
  9. The consequences of radioactive waste disposal
  10. How do family values influence the way children behave at school?Topic Ideas for High School

Hopefully, these ideas will help to choose the right topic for your class!