Research paper title page

Instructions for your research paper title page

There are many people out there who will tell you how important it is to ensure that your research paper title page is neat. Although this is a common requirement for all title pages, different formats would naturally prescribe different cover pages. This is when a firm like BestResearchPaper can come in handy for you faced with many research paper writing dilemmas at the same time. In this article we will generally discuss the necessary aspects of any cover page.

Few facts to remember while doing your research paper title page

Using capitals

There are some who imagine that in order to emphasize a point, they need to use the Upper Case for a title – this is not necessary. Capital letters are not to be used on the title page. However, you should use capitalization and write: The Economic Meltdown: Causes and Effects.

Excessive words

Also make sure that you do not mention the phrase ‘Title of the paper’– when you write the title it is apparent you are referring to the research paper topic.

Writing your teacher's name

Putting in the name of your teacher on your research paper cover page is usually required. If the person is Ms. Alberta Mary Smith, write it as Ms. A.M. Smith – this is the right way to do it. If you are still all at sea regarding this issue, take a look at our research paper examples. They are the best guide for you at any point of the writing process.


You need to ensure that the info on the title page is positioned according to your prescribed format. It can be centered, flushed left or flushed right. Putting it all to one side without consulting your manual would be the wrong thing to do. It does not matter whether you like it or not, but you need to follow the format, such as MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago.

Fonts and spacing

Do not use any fanciful fonts on your research paper title page – it's best to use a simple font that is pleasing to the eye and easy to understand. Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana are the ones that are generally used. In addition, most formats prescribe double-spacing, but you'd better check it for sure. is able to help students write a good research paper or any part of it irrespective of the topic or subject. Whether it is the research paper title page or something else, we can help you cope with it without any problem. You could place an order for a custom research paper with us or choose to buy essay or any custom project. Our expertise and experience will take you a long way. Feel free to ask us as many questions as you can think of; we are here to provide the answers.

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